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The Werkstatt

The Werkstatt

Kicking-off in Wellington, Sto Australia, Sto New Zealand and Sto Germany were pleased to hold our latest Sto Contractor Conference. The two or optional three-day event from the 5th to the 7th of October was appropriately named The Werkstatt - meaning "workshop" in German - and consisted of an in-depth look into our latest Sto Systems, providing the necessary training and updates for today's building requirements.

Sto Germany booked in their fore-most systems and product demonstrator, Thomas Scheuch who joined the Sto Au & NZ contracting network and team to give a series of up-close and hands-on Q&A practical workshops. Including StoSilent Acoustics, StoTherm Mineral Insulation, StoVentec-R plus an overview on Sto render finishes and application.

The Werkstatt was well received by the  Sto Contractors that were catered for by several Wellington establishments especially the final night at the Munchen. Where the litre steins and meat feast was demolished in true German style.

Sto would like to thank all those who attended to make this one of the most successful and educational conferences setting a benchmark.